Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 New Training Videos

Here's the two training videos on how to set up your Google account via the link that was sent to your email account, as well as another video which explains (in great detail) how to publish a post to the blogger account and make it go live to the website immediately. Please remember, I strongly encourage you to create a test post, and even practice making it go live to the site, but if there's no pertinent information in the post, make sure to remove it from the Edit Posts link in blogger, AND make sure you Ping FeedBurner (as explained in the video) so that it gets removed from our homepage. This site is the face of our organization, and is even linked to from the Office of Disability Services, so don't do anything you wouldn't want the entire school seeing!


Google Account:


Officers Site

Just a quick update. I will be posting the club passwords and such on the officers site (  so that you can all have access to anything you need and can keep our group documents up to date. However, for the time being, take a look at this Entry! training video. Look at it! It doesn't matter that you watched it on the main site because this one is extra special.

Not only is this video private so it can only be accessed from this site, but it also include 30 extra seconds of information regarding how to shut down the Entry! program. You shouldn't ever really have to handle the program by yourself (i.e. I should always be at the meetings) but just in case I keel over one night or something, you'll be ready to replace me right away ;).